Nordhavn 90

First and foremost, the Nordhavn 46 is a true-blooded, full displacement design. Detailed benefits of a full displacement hull can be summed up in three words: seakindly, seaworthy and efficient. Capable of running in very rough seas in any direction, her gently-curved chine and ballasted hull form deliver a soft, comfortable motion. There are no harsh, snapping motions characteristic of a hard chine, semi-displacement hull. Instead, she presents a more natural, friendly shape to unfriendly seas.

Her seaworthiness can be utilized to great advantage, as her efficiency through the water requires only l00 hp to maintain cruising speeds of between 7. Be the first to get a showing! This product is not sold individually. You must select at least 1 quantity for this product. Every decade or so a yacht is designed that is extraordinarily successful by all measures. Lines and proportion are wonderfully pleasing, while at the same time highly functional.

Aesthetic attraction is universal, performance is exemplary, and the ideal balance between subjective and objective qualities is achieved. One design having all of these characteristics is rare, and it invariably becomes a classic by which others are measured. In the highly specialized world of oceangoing, recreational power vessels, the Nordhavn 46 has achieved the legendary status of a modern day classic. Born from the driving passion of the founders of Pacific Asian Enterprises, P.

Challenging the popular trends of the marine industry for light, go-fast boats, the Nordhavn 46 immediately attracted an ardent following of sailors and power boaters who shared a common desire to travel the oceans of the world.

Others had simply become tired of the discomfort of voyaging under sail and the dependence on fair wind and good weather.


The P. What may have seemed like a cult following at first has grown to a worldwide family of boat lovers who enjoy the comfort and simplicity of voyaging under power. From the very beginning, the Nordhavn 46 has stood out from all other "trawler yachts.Nordhavn is a trade name of a line of ocean-going trawler -styled motor yachts designed and produced by Pacific Asian Enterprises, Inc.

nordhavn 90

Most Nordhavn vessels have a raised forward pilothouse - separate from the main salon and galley - or an aft deckhouse with the pilothouse raised on a second level above the salon. The majority of Nordhavn vessels have standing headroom in the engine room, with most vessels having a single main engine and a "wing" 'get home' engine which has a separate prop shaft and folding propeller. Some models optionally have twin engines. Pacific Asian Enterprises, a California corporation, was incorporated in Dan Streech and Jim Leishman, the president and vice president respectively, were two of the company's three founding partners; Joe Meglen, the third founding partner, left the company in In its early years, the company's most successful product was its line of sailing yachts designed by naval architect Al Masonstarting with the Mason InJim Leishman's brother, still in high school, began working part-time for the company.

The brother obtained a degree in naval architecture by subsequently enrolling in a home-study, pass-fail correspondence course at an institution at that time called The Yacht Design Institute and became PAE's chief designer.

He does not hold a professional license. With the sailing yacht market in serious decline, in PAE built its first trawler—the Nordhavn 46 conceived by Jim Leishman and designed by his brother. As of the end ofmore than Nordhavns had been built. For several years in the s PAE's standard offerings were its Nordhavn 46, 50, 57 and 62, vessels. However, in the company built the first in a new series of vessels: the Nordhavn 40, 43, 47, and These vessels are high on the water, with a flying bridge stacked atop the pilot house, and carry their beam far forward, reducing efficiency and trading good looks for greater interior capacity.

Inthe Nordhavn 35 was built. The first 35s—designed as knot vessels—were so heavy they couldn't meet their design speed.

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Later hulls in the series included a tunnel over the propeller, and a "lightening" program made later Nordhavn 35s faster than the originals, but the 35 never gained market traction and the company discontinued the model after 23 were built.

Nordhavn also produced a Passagesailerthough none have been built for several years [ timeframe? The boat is powered by the Lugger T diesel engine and has a top speed of over 10 knots. Its inch four-bladed propeller can be feathered to enhance sailing performance. Under sail power alone it can cruise at up to 8 knots. Seven have been sold. Along with the motorsailer, the company built a foot sportfishing boat and a foot coastal cruiser.

Like the Nordhavn 35, these have not resonated well with Nordhavn's traditional customers, and sales have been disappointing: three Nordhavn 75 sportfishermen, and two or three new toknot Nordhavn 59 coastal pilots, introduced in Larger Nordhavn vessels include the Nordhavn 64, 68, 72, 76, 86, and Bythe new and larger Nordhavns were responsible for an increasing share of the company's revenues and the company's focus was no longer on the smaller vessels that built the Nordhavn brand.

In early the PAE announced plans for a foot vessel. The design was stretched to 59 feet and is being marketed as the coastal pilot 59 with twin HP Cummins engines. The 59CP has a semi-displacement hull designed for top speeds of knots and a range of up to 1, NM.

Early indications are that the 59CP is struggling to find buyers. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article has multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page.While reading the piece, Mr. Conconi was even more surprised that the publication chose to interview PAE and not him. The fact that Aurora flowed and made a crossing does not indicate she was complete or systems were installed or functioning.

Despite the documented evidence of the incomplete status of the vessel and invoices to install and commission, PAE insisted the vessel was complete and no longer accepted responsibility. To add insult to injury, they sued for work that was not performed and did not provide any credit for work done by Mr Conconi.

PAE has repeatedly posted a video of Aurora crossing the ocean and quoted they received a positive verdict at trial. This verdict mostly was a consequence of false testimony and misrepresentation of the facts. Ultimately, the disappointing verdict in the case was a result of preplanned, personal attacks on the Conconis. This trial simply demonstrated the extreme extent PAW would go to avoid honoring a contact and how they avoid accepting any responsibility for finish or quality of the vessel.

Conconi is a proud man. Conconi has enjoyed many of the vessels he has bought from Nordhavn — in fact, he has purchased 4 of them in the past. Conconi has been pleased with his other Nordhavn vessels that he has purchased — but not the process of purchasing his latest Nordhavn through PAE, as the company did not complete the Vessel as promised. The truth, in Mr. Conconi had to perform on his vessel. NordhavnFacts is showing and warning consumers of what could happen if a purchaser prepays significantly more than the cost to complete their vessel.

Nordhavn Facts believes that any individual that provides PAE funds for a future delivery of a vessel will be taking a risk that may simply repeat history. Little or none of the funds will be used to build the new vessel. The completion of the new vessel is dependent on PAE finding more purchases down the road.

This process if interrupted will result in many incomplete vessels where the cost to complete will be greater that the balance owed. If Mr Conconi Posted a bond for any unpaid contract items and PAE was required to finish the vessel to receive the payment, the amount PAE had to invest in the completion of the build exceed the reserve for completion. PAE did not have any working capital and by finishing the boat they would only be further in debt.

There are always two sides in a story. Like anyone else, Mr. Conconi would like his side of the story to be heard and help prevent other customers from having similar experiences.

Please read the facts and form your own conclusions. Conconi had nothing to gain by misrepresenting the facts or going through a 3 year torture of completing the manufacture of his vessel. Over the past two years, PAE has had to justify its behaviors and spread lies about the transaction with Mr. Conconi to create false confidence with various purchasers to secure further funds.


Everyone considering purchasing a new build yacht with PAE should carefully read the documentation and transcripts, and watch the videos provided on this website before deciding whether this company is deserving of an unsecured loan for years with the only security being a promise from individuals that have proven they lie and are only motivated to obtain your construction deposit.

The risk of dissatisfaction and anxiety is not worth the delay. Review several documents outlining the results from inspections and surveys from third-parties. Many mistruths were stated by PAE, such as the company denying the expert reports and photos. Questions potential buyers should ask before entering into a contract for the build of a new vessel.

Did you know? Pacific Asian Enterprises PAE is kept afloat by the deposits of those who commission the construction of yachts? Learn More.

nordhavn 90

South Coast became a shareholder of PAE to help them fund the completion of yachts under construction. You have no security for any construction deposit you make to PAE?

PAE has a policy of adding non-authorized, extra charges to the final invoice?The one where you sell the house, put your furniture in storage, move aboard your boat, and cruise the world.

After retiring, they along with their three dogs moved aboard a Nordhavn 40 and set out to cruise full-time. What has surprised you the most about life aboard your Nordhavn? That eventually we found a place for everything! Well … mostly. Actually, Nordhavns have great stowage but we brought more than we needed. The complexity of the boat was also surprising along with the amount of learning related to the many systems and multiple redundant systems.

Who knew living on a boat would be so strenuous, both mentally and physically?! Heavy-duty kneepads are a necessity. What is your favorite aspect about living aboard? Our temporary back and front yards have included some pretty amazing views.

We love seeing the wildlife: whales, bears, seals, loons, etc. We both love being on the water with the quiet, tranquility, and solitude. Fresh veggies and eggs are often the only reason we stop at a marina or town. Are there aspects of living on land that you miss?

Besides ice cream and long hot baths? Currently we miss the luxury of reliable phone service and unlimited Wi-Fi access, or any kind of Wi-Fi access for that matter. First, distinguish the difference between simply living aboard and spending the majority of your time in marinas versus living aboard and actively cruising 90 percent of the time. A boat that will be safe and comfortable in rough seas or offshore is very different from a boat designed for settled weather and coastal or inshore cruising.

Our advice comes from the perspective of living aboard and actively cruising. Take into consideration the systems you will need to learn, manage, and maintain along with tasks like docking and anchoring. And most important, just do it! It will be a wonderful experience. How did you ultimately decide upon the Nordhavn 40?

It goes back to the criteria of deciding to live aboard as cruisers. We went to a lot of Trawlerfests www. Seeing actual layouts and space, getting a feel for the space on different boats was helpful to us. We love having a Portuguese Bridge and having separate spaces was important to us, for example a dedicated pilothouse.

The Nordhavn is a heavy boat with a thick hull, quality components, reliable engines, well engineered, heavy doors, extra-heavy glazing on the windows, quality fit and finish, and we really liked that there is a wing engine for safety in offshore passages.Beautiful high gloss walnut throughout with custom stone floors and granite countertops.

The salon is a spacious area, with sofas on both port and starboard. The custom-built dining table is set to starboard and could seat up to eight. In the galley area there is also a pantry.

nordhavn 90

The windows 6 in the master are mounted vertically rather than horizontally. Aft of the master are the steps down to the guest rooms, one forward with two single beds, head and shower, two aft VIP rooms with king size beds and en-suite heads and showers, as well as custom wall coverings.

On the bridge level, you find a pilothouse which features a commanding view for navigating and is complimented with a full array of electronics, Stidd chairs, custom seating and table. This area boasts a large sofa to port and workout area with a stair master to starboard. There is also an office area with desk and lots of drawers.

Access to the engine room and crew quarters is from the port side deck with the engine room forward and crew cabin aft. The lazarette can also be accessed from the crew area.

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Necessary Always Enabled.As I remember the model was a mustard yellow but it still looked cool. We began our search in ernest when changes in our life allowed us to move from dreamers to future owners.

The first one we found that could fit the bill was in Florida February It sold before we could pull the trigger. We made our first offer and flew to Corfu Greece that August to seal the deal. Then a boat named Lone Wolf found us all the way from Mackay Australia while we were commiserating in a Greek pool. Our childhood boat growing up in Newport Beach California happened to be named Roxia! We will keep a copy of the book Roxia onboard. The Nordhavn 62 is a robust trawler capable of cruising the world.

Here are the drawings of Roxia. Here are a few pictures which is always a work in progress as the Admiral redecorates!

Email me at bill mvroxia. Skip to navigation Skip to main content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to secondary sidebar Skip to footer bakesconsulting Providing management services for yachts 32 to feet. Cruising Desolation Sound. Digby Island Australia.

nordhavn 90

Guest Stateroom. Bunk Room. Table down. Hauled out in Bundaberg AUS. The Admiral keeping us safe. Whitsundays AUS. San Diego CA. Pilothouse Office. Time to say goodbye from Verney Falls. Roxia Comms Suite.The owner of He was also drawn to the separate crew area that provides space on board for his four permanent crew. Based on the successful Nordhavn 86, the Nordhavn 96 incorporates a 10 foot cockpit extension allowing more space in various parts of the yacht depending on the layout.

With the Nordhavn 96, the yard is offering customers additional space without the extra cost of an entirely new hull. That's because they extended the moulds of the Nordhavn 86, rather than building an entirely new hull. This method has already been tried and tested on previous models. The design of the interior has been done very much to the owners tastes. The yacht also features 20 square foot stabilisers and bow and stern thrusters for easy manoeuvring.

Nordhavn (yacht)

The foredeck is large enough to accommodate tenders up to six metres. Benetti Loading Holland Jachtbouw Loading Austral Yachts Loading Fast Cruising Loading Amels Loading Mondomarine Loading Shop Shop Home Magazine Insight. Subscribe Magazine Subscriptions U. Edition Subscriptions Free trial Newsletters. Click below to login to access your magazine subscriptions, digital edition subscriptions and BOAT Pro subscription.

First Nordhavn 96 delivered and christened MacGuffin. The first Nordhavn 96 in build, pictured before her recent delivery. Video shows the construction of the first Nordhavn


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