Rwby neo x reader

I had arrived at the docks and saw team JNPR waiting for me, they all seemed happy Jaune was talking with Pyrrha and Nora was zipping around Ren talking energetically. This caused the rest of the team to turn towards me Jaune and I fist bumped while Ren bowed and Nora I walked with Pyrrha and Jaun and stood by the open door watching as the ship was begun to take off.

I gave her a disapproving look as the ship closed it's doors the rest of the way and flew off towards our mission site. I continued to look out the window as the Bullhead flew further and further away from the academy.

Why is he so mad?

rwby neo x reader

I felt a hand on my shoulder and turned my head to find Pyrrha looking at me with a face that I could only describe as a concerned big sister look. This made them all turn red and shifted around uncomfortably, Pyrrha recovered first and looked at me still blushing furiously.

rwby neo x reader

As I ran into the courtyard I saw Weiss and Blake waiting for me with worried expressions, they must have gotten the call from Yang too. He's have to be a fool to work with people like Torchwick, especially when we've beaten him so many times" Weiss says. Luckily I had found out where they had gone before leaving the campus, I sped out of the city towards the area they headed to. Their mission was to clear out a large swarm of Grimm from a section of wilderness, however there were reports of white fang activity in the area, which means that girl and Torchwick might be there Me a blushing mess, Nora with a smirk on her face, Ren looking impassive as usual, Jaune stuttering and awkward and Pyrrha Well she was holding the bridge of her nose from the nose bleed she had when I explained how I got away from team RWBY.

We looked around and saw several packs of Beowolves and Ursa surrounding us We drew our weapons and leapt into the fray! Nora yelled excitedly as she smashed Grimm with her giant hammer, Ren moved around the battlefield killing Grimm with his bladed SMG's and his martial arts, Jaun and Pyrrha teamed up with each other killing the Grimm with their swords while blocking with their shields. I slashed in a wide arc slicing one of the Ursa nearly in half I then turned my attention to the other Urasi slaughtering them easily, it seemed that with every cut more and more of my frustration melted away.

Nothing like killing Grimm to lighten a bad mood! I though to myself as I slashed apart another Beowolf, Suddenly I felt claws slash my back destroying my shirt the ragged pieces fell of my body and hit the ground.

I heard a yell from behind me and I turned and saw something very bad, the White Fang had arrived and was attacking us ferociously. We engaged the White fang soldiers as they charged towards us firing their guns and waving their weapons at us, we charged and took them out easily yet it seemed that more always came.

Somehow he had lost his shirt and I felt a warm rush on my face from his exposed upper body, he slashed his way through the White Fang soldiers leaving them wounded and unconscious. Suddenly the fight seemed to take a turn for the worst when several new people appeared there was a young man with silver hair and black clothes, a tall tan girl with green hair and clothes, and none other than Roman Torchwick himself.

What are you doing?! She walked out from behind him with a smile on her face, which disappeared and her eyes widened when she saw me standing there. Ren and Nora were exhausted and barely standing, Jaune was trying to hold off one of the enemy who refused to let go of his shield, and Pyrrha was bleeding from several shallow wounds. I stand back up intent on helping my friends before it was too late, only to be attacked by a young man with silver hair, he launched several strong kicks at me which I blocked with the flat of my blade.

I looked over to see Neo looking between me and the silver guy with a worried face, I continued to block his attacks until I saw an opening and delivered a strong slash to his leg slicing it off. Cybernetic legs I thought as a blank, emotionless mask overtook my face this has to be the worst day of my life I just didn't care anymore I was so hurt and angry I wanted to kill everyone and get away to be alone, I raised my sword and attacked the White fang that rushed me slicing them apart.

I continued to kill the people who rushed me until they began to hesitate to approach me their eyes wide in fear, I looked down at the young man from earlier trying to crawl away I walked over and kicked him hard in the side forcing him to flip over.

He applied more force to the blow causing Neo to slide back slightly, she looked at him with worry as their weapons separated in a shower of sparks. Roman scrambled up and fled a distance away behind several White Fang soldiers who watched the fight in fear, if this guy could force the silent and deadly Neo back what kind of monster could he be? I looked down and saw that her eyes had turned white, that only ever happened when she was afraidWhile we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. He saw it was fit to take me then shove me to another world. Like I say fun place. She never asked for this, so why was it happening to her?

She never expected to wake up in a torture chamber, beaten, then put into the world of RWBY. Let's see how she fares, especially when a girl with mix-matched hair and eyes takes a liking to her. You meet a beautiful mute girl at the bar, and decide to take her home. Instead, you find yourself kidnapped and under her control.

She has a particular use for you, and she's not working alone. Between sessions of being used, you plan your escape, but do you really want to escape? There was a unknown race of beings in remnant that can change anything that they see to into anything they need. They tend to be alone for their entire existence. Except for one. He has a follower. But will it stay that way? You just gotta find out. Though it seemed best to orphan it rather than straight-up delete it.

Sorry I couldn't follow through - I just lost interest in the fandom. RWBY character x reader You really had no idea about what goes on at Vale, but at times you seemed to like whatever happened. Contains some spoilers for RWBY, so read at your risk! This is an x-reader I wrote. I have two more and possibly some others. I currently have all three on my quotev page.

I'm sorry I'll probably be really slow at updating the rest. I'm busy and sometimes just not in the mood to write. Also I am sorry if the grammar is bugging you I'm not so good at that and if there's any misspelled words. I also do not have any specific creative titles for these stories. I apologize. Top of Work Index. Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Get an Invitation. Reader X Various! Fire Away Various!Well, no, scratch that. The first few moments after you woke up, you spent trying to figure out where you were. And then you realized you were in big trouble. Pulling it out seemed too risky. Your fingers were numb with the cold. Your everything was numb with the cold. No, really, where had that thought come from? That was ridiculous. You had responsibilities. And you had to get back to your students, who were depending on you to keep them safe on their first missions.

You had to get home. You had to get back to Ozpin. This is going to hurt. Keep reading. Pretty please? Kisses with Ruby are always sweet and slow. But, when you do kiss, you would usually wrap your hands around her waist and pull her closer. She would comply and caress the nape of your neck. Kisses with Weiss are quick, but full of love. They would only happen occasionally and are used to show the other how much you love them.

She would delicately stroke your chin as you tickled her lower back with your fingers. She would always be joyous after you separated. Kisses with Blake are long and cattish. So, she would press against you in a lovingly kiss.You peeked out from behind the tree, holding the bloody wound with your left hand while you held a katana with your right.

The snapping of nearby twigs and the crackling of leaves reaches your ears, and you immediately go silent. The ones chasing you are Ruby, Weiss, Yang, and Blake. You had been holding them off, but It had only been three until Ruby, the most unexpected, joined in. She swung her scythe and gashed you, and that's when you took the chance to run. You snarl and quickly send a message to Roman and Neo, quickly organizing a rendezvous at a nearby clearing.

Sure, it's been a while since you helped the White Fang or any other criminal organization, but you don't seem to have an option. A sixth sense suddenly kicks in and you dodge roll, barely avoiding Yang's fist. Instead of responding, you activate your semblance.

One thing in your favour was that no one could match your speed with it. But you knew the wound was starting to take its toll on your thin body. Your head was starting to spin, and your reactions starting to slow down. You can hear the branches snapping as the bunch sprints after you. A Bullhead races into view as you break into a clearing. The four girls chasing you start running faster at the sight of this.

You take a leap of faith and reach out. The hatch is already open, and the two familiar figures reach out, each grabbing an arm. They start trying to pull you in, but Blake leapt up and caught your foot. You repeatedly kicked at Blake until she was forced to let go. You were dragged in and immediately you hugged Neo. Neo hugs back, a small blush rising to her cheeks.

RWBY Volume 5: Chapter 9 - A Perfect Storm - Rooster Teeth

You lean back, and she thinks you're going to say something else, but in reality? You fall back, blood already starting to pool underneath you.

And then you gave her the biggest gift anyone possibly could have given her. You touched her throat with your hand and activated the second part of your semblance, restoring her voice.

rwby neo x reader

Sure, it sucked you couldn't use it on yourself, but it had its perks. Tears are falling from her eyes and onto your chest, but you can't focus anymore. You close your eyes and let your arm fall to the floor of the Bullhead, your life hanging by a thread. That's all there is. That's all you can see. Until a small pinprick of light appears.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Haven has just been saved, for Cinder Fall things could not get worse, or so she thinks but she has yet to encounter some of the darker wares of the Schnee Dust Company until now.

Follow Cinder as she unwillingly rides shotgun with Remnants latest up-and-coming heroines. Weiss Schnee never knew much about her family. All she had growing up was her mother and no one else. However, after a fateful meeting, she finally realizes what the Schnee name truly means.

Rwby x demon male reader wattpad

Now wrapped up in a war few know about, decisions have to be made. Who is she really? What does fate have in store for her? And who is this girl she keeps on meeting? Advertencia Yuri. War has begun - Faunus and Humanity at each other's throats. And in a dying world, Ruby's inner demons are darkening her soul, turning her into a monster. Jaune realises that there is more to his family history than he thought, and Kassius now searches for Merlot.

Luckily, they'll pick up a lot of friends along the way, but also make a lot of enemies. Friendships will be made, friendships will be broken, secrets will be revealed. Heroes will rise, victims will fall. Welcome to Vytal Flag, the ultimate game where the losers die and the winners only get a chance to play again.

Welcome to the Remnant Cinder and Roman are divorced, Emerald and Mercury struggle to pick a side of the family, new relationships are created, and Salem is not happy about any of this.

This is an AU. There are no semblances, no Grimm, no magic, no Maidens.

Rwby x demon male reader wattpad

Just drama. A lot of drama. So much time has passed and Ruby is now happily wed to her long time lovers Qrow and Ozpin.This is my first time posting a fanfiction in a very long time Thanks to anxiety I don't do it, but I've decided I need to change So hopefully this will be a big story with all or most of the female characters of RWBY x the female reader.

Wattpad reader male x yang xiao long girlfriend lemon.

Yandere RWBY and Neo X Injured Male Reader

Until one day you decided to run away at the age of seven. Along with two friends, Sun Wukong and Neptune Vasilas. Oppdag og lagre!

January Read Wait did you say bacon? Already a Wattpad member? Sign in. Combat is cool! Stay safe and healthy. Everything was going fine for little Y,N until the Empire came to his village and destroyed it leaving him as the sole survivor as Vader "adopted" the lone Rose abused and neglected male reader x rwby - chapter 8 February Read chapter 8 from the story lone Rose abused and neglected male reader x rwby by Joker-senpai Deku with 12, reads.

Bully crush x reader rejected Denne Pinnen ble oppdaget av Katie Nagell.

rwby neo x reader

Jan 30, - Weiss and Yang. Discover and save! Grey has wendys look and natsu has erzas. As the former heiress of the vastly influential Schnee Dust Company, Weiss made her first appearance in the "White" Trailer.

Bully crush x reader rejected Aside from that, I'm pretty sure this is the full list! The heroine of this doujin is an arachne, a half-spider, half-man monster girl. But little did they know that she was the child of the Ourobos Dragon and the Dragon of Dreams. This story was inspired by Bravelions2X6's changed bullied male reader x RWBY so you can expect some similarities with that story.

Jaune tries to explain why he did it, but it falls on deaf ears. Ruby first appeared in the "Red" Trailer visiting the grave of her mother, Summer Rose. Aside from that, I'm pretty sure this is the full list!While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Blake 2. Cinder 3. Pyrrha [BulliedFaunusFem!

Reader] 4. Yang 5. Winter 6. Weiss 7. Neo 8. Update 1. I have two more and possibly some others. I currently have all three on my quotev page. I'm busy and sometimes just not in the mood to write. I also do not have any specific creative titles for these stories. I apologize. You're a Faunus with ears! And established dating, also yandere warning, but you probably saw from the title.

See the end of the chapter for notes. It was more or less a normal day, not really either to be honest. Your department in the White Fang had the day off so naturally you went off to spend it outside.

Or you would have if it wasn't raining. You were tempted to go outside and splash around or watch the rain fall, but as an adult you knew better. Still, watching the puddles get soaked into the ground made your [animal ears] ears twitch with anticipation. Suddenly, your phone buzzed startling you. You dug into the pocket of your faded brown jeans to see a message from your girlfriend.

You smiled and began to text her back when you felt your ears being touched. You looked up to see your boss's boss, Cinder. You quickly put your phone away and stood up. Fall, I'm so sorry I'm slacking again!

rwby x reader

You bashfully looked into the soul of the boss supreme. Within her fiery amber eyes you could just barely make yourself out.

Your phone buzzed once more.


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